The day Okalani met Anuhea

‘I’m sure I saw it,’ Okalani said. ‘It was no dream!’

With her iPhone at the ready, she looked under the sherry blossom, prepared to take a picture the moment it would appear again. ‘It was a male figure. Maybe it was my gardian angel?’


‘You definitly need to get laid,’ her friend smiled.

The sound of a lawnmowler interrupted them. ‘The only angel you will find here,’ her friend said, ‘is the garden angel.’

Okalani laughed at her silliness and took a selfie.


A gentle breeze stroke the back of her neck.


Behind her he appeared, Anuhea, a man in the flesh, better looking than the gardener, more convenient in bed than an angel.


And Okalani got laid : )))

monica vanleke


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